This event took place on the 15 of June at the Beaumaris sports center

The event was run by MSE events

This con was small but it was cute for its size. The set was easy to get around stalls around the sides and centre stall in the middle. so you know where very things are.

one of the stall that was there

As for stuff to do other that buy things, there was kids archery outside which was a pound to play. Inside nothing really nothing but Nintendo north wales with a set up of various Nintendo things to do.

including a mini set up in the canteen area.

there were a few cosplayers out in force from Batman, Superman, anime characters to star wars. including many kids cosplayers. which is good to see.

Overall a good event. good for some whats to dip there toe in to comic cons with traveling to the bigger ones

Although it was a good event. It was clearly a fan-run event. There were a few stalls there seems to sell the same thing pop figure, comics and Lego. there was clear organization. better who was event staff and who was attendees. which is problematic if some bad did happen.