I was debating if should say go and read last year review of Alcon 2018 but sit here on the Monday after Alcon I do ponder overall there was small changes and a big one as well. I’ll start with the big one, everything was in the student union building. Which made travelling between Stage, panel, traders so much easier. Which is a good thing. The addition of having dinner open was great. As you could watch a panel from the tables. The layout was good with everything being in one it made it feel fuller and more lively. The could clearly tell which area you are in, which is nice. 


The traders were interesting as there was not much there, but there was a different variety of stalls which is nice to see. selling t-shirt to plushy to figures to games and some art-work. If could say one thing is to do more artist. but I understand space is an issue being so small place.



The stage had not changed from last year. Very open and wide with a lot place to move, which is an okay thing. The events were varied from Q&A, gameshow, auctions, performances, talent shows, cosplay masquerade. so it had something for everyone. It was a weird thing this year was they shut for an hour @ 8 pm which I found a little odd but after I see the reason I now understand. So they could set for the parties in the evening. So fair enough.


Video games area was next door to the stage area, which I found convenient. If need to clear your head and chill, or wait for the next stage event. or just to play and meet people. The area itself was nice it never felt cramped. A new addition was the gaming stage which held tournaments thought the con. There was a lot of games to choose from fan favourite like super smash, Mario kart and fighting games to classics like quake, Sonic, Mario and command and conquer. To even some newer game obscure game like rugby, CTR and osu! plus a few others. The cool thing is if you did not like the game you could ask the staff they could change it.


The tabletop area was the secret star of the show. Always willing to help and point you in the right direction. The selection was the same I got to try some news games and well as some classic but I didn’t get to try werewolf which I was a little disappointed with but it was unfortunate that it class with other things. But overall cool section. I did it see it but did not try some lightsaber showdown.


At the tabletop, the area also a sign up assassin game. Which is a giant game of tag with form swords. So you asked your name which clan you’re in (which I’ll discuss later) and a word or number so you verify it really you. The game would work around your clans so pirates couldn’t kill fellow pirates. But could kill other clan members. You had the option of buying a from weapon to play but you could play without it. The game was very funny and great to meet new people.


Which leads me to the clans a staple of Alcon. So this year was pirates, ninjas and vampires. If won anything in Alcon cosplay masquerade, talent show video game tournaments assassins or anything you were given clan points as a prize which went to your clan winning overall. These winners were a vampire for the first time.


Panels were interesting and varied. And I even had a panel. The whole part seemed very chilled out. Like I said before it was next to the food area. so you can watch the eat something which was a nice touch. I also got to do a panel on wrestling in anime. If do have one issue there should be some there to keep time and notice one or two of the panel did go over time. So there someone to point saying five minutes it would help the flow better. Also when do a panel asking them to around the panel 5min before could help with the transition. 


I would not be missed if I did not mention the parties there are the best points of the weekend being able to let your hair down with fellows clan member or new people you just met. They go from 9 pm – 2 am. From 9 pm – 12 it spilt into 2 where the main stage had a different type of music and theme songs. Gaming stage became karaoke. where you sing your heart out, to whatever you want. then from 12-2 The gaming stage close and the main stage is music after 12 – 2 am. will your favourite

Karaoke time


The accommodation was an opt-in. I choose that option I so glad I did it was close to the site it was five walk and the same shops. The actual accommodation was basic student room. You had a bed, table, on-suite, which is very nice. and a communal kitchen. And being so close to everyone you meet amazing people. If you opted to stay on Thursday night you could have options of going to laser quest. which was a lot of fun.


With this talk of people and fun. I must add this the people and staff where amazing so friendly and chatty and willing to let you join in there chat and games everyone was helpful staff and people.


I would say an overall were improvement were good. It keeps the community vibe going the idea of cutting down to 3 days is putting everything under one roof is a great move.