Here is my review was written by Dale Hazeldine.

Let me up front and say yes I am aware that this con is controversial to some people but I’m going to keep that out and just focus on the con itself good and the bad. Also, this is my con time there so I’m exception might be low. Do I have nothing to compare it to? So with that said I’m just going to Break it down the topic. Give each a score of 10


The registration was relatively quick I was in out in five give them your tickets and showed you id.then will give a whist band.

Then you would walk in pick up your keys and a goody bag which includes a neckband, a con-book and small timetable leaflet which is weird because the timetable is in the con-book. So why have the timetable leaflet? Two people asked about the goody bag. Which is something that could be made better?
The queuing was never really an issue you easily walk into the panel room and not queue. Which is nice. Which is little worrying but it was never really an issue. I never had an issue where it was too busy I was turned away.
Overall: very happy
Score: 10/10


For clarity, I could not attend every panel/event. so I can review the one I saw.
The panels are a mixed bag because it either ran seasoned speakers or someone from the community who first time it was. Form the ones I went to I say the best one was the geeking hobby into a business with sircutieyuki. And the “I can’t believe they made that!” which was funny and interesting. Some needed more time to bake but there hearts in the right place. A theme that I saw that the panels one or had a few tech issues. One had a huge tech issue and which cause him to lose 30 min of his talk which is a shame. If there was someone at every panel that could sort these issues that would great.
The events where super focused on crowd participation part form the live bands almost every event was getting the attendee involved which can be a good thing and a bad thing depends on the time of the day. Example of bad was the Boku no gameshow that would have great say 4 pm or later. But it was 11 am. Somewhere cancel because lack of people signing up which is a shame There was some great stand out events like the jollyboat performance, big geek adventure, cosplay auction, cosplay masquerade, pub quiz to name a few.
Extra events going with the escape room on Thursday and the laser quest on Friday

Both were really good. I think they needed more organization in the travel department as these were off-site. So there was walking involved which I did not mind but some did not like for different reasons. working with a taxi company to get people to and from the side event safely. I don’t think anyone would mind paying £1 or 2 extra for a taxi.
Overall: panels good, Events good, refreshing to see the community doing panels I might do one next year.
Score 6.5/10


Oh, the parties. again I could not go to every party so I went to what I could
This one I’m going off script there weren’t great ill be honest. They weren’t great. Now with Thursday, i don’t know because I doing the escape room. I missed the back to the 90’s and I did catch the some of the Dance Dance Alcon. It was okay but not great. I spoke to someone who had been going for a few years and was told it getting on Saturday. Friday I was doing the laser quest event. But I did catch the glow stick rave a little bit of the glow stick rave. Normally I’m ok with it but the music was a bit too loud. just for that event. 80’s Rock night on Saturday. Was ok the DJ was good. And it looked busy. Should have dropped the 80’s and made it general rock night so everyone gets a sing-song. Chiptune and gamers night was really bad and from what I see as the final countdown that was quite too. I heard that there was no AC in the main stage area which gets people to dance in a room like that with cosplays on questionable at best.
Overall: just poor. very little were dancing This coming from some that a small town that saying something. The AC might be a reason for the lack of dancing. The rock night was great but drop the 80’s next time
Score 3/10


This was very well organized the gaming area was split into three area video games, retro and PC. the retro and video were very easy to find the PC area not so much. Which is a shame because of that something that could have been great. The layout of VG and the retro game were basic tables in the middle with small screens and the big screen game on the sides the selection of games were good you had smash and LoL. the retro side was the same with the retro game and 3 games i never have seen before which super cool to try.
The RPG area was the shining star of the event. It was well lit and the number of games was amazing. I played some werewolf and Hitler and disgusting friends. you could play with anyone. I’ll explain later. Until 3 am which is amazing to think that
Overall the gaming area was great but the PC area was a bit of let down. The RPG room was amazing.
Score 9/10


The guest was a bit of weird for me as I did not go there for the sole reason to meet a celeb. I went there to meet people and have fun. So they had Kira Buckland, I’ll be honest I didn’t who she was. I looked into her career it really good. It wasn’t my cup of tea. She did panels and signing. They did have “celebs” they had cosplayers, youtube, voice actor but I did not notice unless it was pointed out to me. That a good thing because you talk to them as people. The example I played a game of werewolf with youtube i didn’t even know until I saw her do a panel about youtube later on in the day. Same thing with …………….
Overall the selection was ok but nothing grabbed but that a good thing because you could chill out and have a good time with “celebs” and not know it.
Score: 4/10


The dealers were ok. The DVD/Blu ray stall was really good found two anime I been looking for. (pic) and picked up a new wallet. I did notice that some of the items did appear twice. But you can’t complain about that. Some of the drawing stalls were cool enjoying seeing artist and their version of characters
Overall the dealers were ok. Nothing special good to some of the dealers know their stuff and are not phone it in. which is nice.
Score 6/10


De Montfort University, was right in the middle of the city of Leicester. which has it plus being close to the most thing. With essentials so close to Tesco, domino and few shops either on campus or just of it. it ok. The city I could not give it a head or tail of it. As I explode very little of it. The university student and some members of the public were being ok with people walking around in cosplay but I had found some people some football fans and the drunks on Friday making the vibe a little on edge for myself and some people who had cosplayed. Let me just say that was A VERY SMALL minority of people from Leicester most didn’t bat an eye.
Overall. it was fine the location was fine it right in the centre of Leicester. I was worried about traffic sometimes but that was me.
Score 9.8/10


The accommodation was at the liberty building for this year. which five minutes walk from the uni site. No worries. In the room, itself was typical student accommodation with on-suite. Oddly I got a disabled room. 

the kitchen was basic nothing special but no kettle, which I thought was very odd. The microwave/oven was fine. And empty cabinets which I remembered we are in student Accommodation went ok. So get plastic plates and forks was a must for this lucky my flat mate planned ahead and got some. I had heard complaints about no kettle which I fully see. They wanted extra this and that. I’ll be honest you’re staying student accommodations for 4 nights it not the ritz here.
Overall I was happy with the accommodation. the walk at night would be a little scary alone. So hopefully it back to the normal place which is closer to the uni site
Score 9.5/10

Fellow con-goers,

This going to get 10/10 everyone was super nice and friendly as some first time doing Alcon and coming by self I was little worried about not making friends but I was chatting with people going through Facebook and WhatsApp. When I finally made it everyone super nice help me get around and letting me play a game and joining in.
Score: 10/10

Final thoughts

My final thoughts. it was okay. I was never bored. So that a good thing. It needs work in a lot of areas organization and structure. more crew members could help in that area.
I spoke to someone with knowledge saying this transition period. Ill keeping my eye on the situation. I will try and go back because I have met amazing people and made new friends. I hope they can sort out there issues with structure and organization.

Overall Score.